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Martha's Vineyard Real Estate
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July 13 to July 19

Albert J. Reed and Katherine K. Reed purchased 19 North Tabor Farm Road in Chilmark from Pauline C. Potter TRS, Nelson W. Potter Living Trust, and Pauline C. Potter Living Trust for $1,320,000 on July 17.

Robert M. McCarron TRS and Acorn Real Estate Trust purchased 15 Ocean View avenue in Edgartown from Martha’s Vineyard Ocean Ventures LLC for $1,468,000 on July 13.

Jo Ann Peri purchased 61 Crocker Drive in Edgartown from Frederic Mollin and Fred Mollin for $1,068,000 on July 15.

Patrick W. Kager and Catherine L. Clairmont purchased 11 Duarte Circle in Edgartown from Raymond H. Fauteux Jr. for $495,000 on July 15.

Spencerita LLC purchased 2 Robins Nest Road in Edgartown from Heidi Marie Moreis and Heidi Marie Silva for $450,777 on July 15.

Eastern Wall LLC purchased 58 Oyster Watcha Road in Edgartown and West Tisbury from Michael A. Bass TRS and Edgartown Great Pond Realty Trust for $24,750,000 on July 15.

Norman N. Rankow TRS, Margaret J. Rankow TRS, and Jam Family Trust purchased 140 Cooke street in Edgartown from Gordon L. Massingham TRS and Cannonball Park Realty Trust for $745,000 on July 16.

Christian M. Cann and Caitlin Cann purchased 65 Road to the Plains in Edgartown from Stephen A. Duplessie and Jessica L. Duplessie for $1,125,000 on July 16.

CM LLC purchased 18 Metell’s Way in Edgartown for Thomas C. Antolick TRS, Marie C. Antolick TRS, and TMA Realty Trust for $895,000 on July 17.

Oak Bluffs
Jennifer M. Sanford TRS and Jennifer M. Sanford Revocable Trust purchased 59 Winemack street in Oak Bluffs from Michael M. Roberts and Patricia S. Roberts for $900,000 on July 13.

Katherine A. Shanor purchased 11 Peter Williamson Boulevard in Oak Bluffs from Gerald A. Silva and Robert G. Stafford for $337,500 on July 13.

Sandra Lally purchased 26 Lagoon Pond Road in Oak Bluffs from Robert C. Murphy, Patricia Ann Costa EST, and Patricia A. Costa EST for $413,500 on July 17.

Vineyard Haven

Charles C. Fitzsimmons and Mari Elizabeth Fitzsimmons purchased 42 Hagerty Drive in Vineyard Haven from Alison Dana Stewart, Lisa Stewart Crisp, and Carol G. Stewart EST for $590,000 on July 13.

John Amaral and Connie Amaral purchased 60 Beach Road, Unit 19 in Vineyard Haven from James MacDonald and Cheryl P. MacDonald for $58,000 on July 16.

Otoniel Santos purchased 11 Cook Road in Vineyard Haven from Michael Jampel for $560,000 on July 16.

West Tisbury
Madanmohan Veluvolu and Malathy R. Rao purchased 81 Charles Neck Way in West Tisbury from Antone M. Silva III TRS, Dianne McDonough-Silva TRS, and Dianne M. McDonough-Silva Trust for $855,000 on July 17.

July 6 – 10, 2015

July 7, Carol M. Porter, trustee of Keohane Family Irrevocable Trust, sold 15 Hewing Field to Eric W. and Lori J. Raichle, trustees of the Raichle Family Trust, for $950,000.

July 8, Santander Bank NA, successor by merger to Martha’s Vineyard National Bank, sold 517 South Rd. to the Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank for $1,006,000.

July 6, Joshua Johnson Weeks sold an undivided one-half interest in 14 Fuller Street to William Howard Weeks and the Northern Trust Company, trustees of the William Howard Weeks Article V Trust, for $2,200,000.

July 8, Michael and Rebecca Hegarty sold 15 Crocker Dr. to Rosemary O’Brien and Eigil D. Rothe for $2,315,000.

July 10, 25 Vickers LLC sold 25 Vickers Way to 25 Vickers Street Edgartown LLC for $1,511,250.

Oak Bluffs
July 7, Marianna M. Cornelius sold 26 Shirley Ave. to Catherine Gargiulo for $715,000.

July 8, Nina Shapiro and Daniel E. Smith sold 21 Island Inn Rd., Unit 34, to Herbert N. and Molly M. Baker for $124,500.

July 7, Vincent Hockmeyer, Jr., trustee of 343 State Road Realty Trust, sold 15 Mechanics St. to Island Copper Inc. for $425,000.

July 9, Robert G. Bannish and Gregory Gullickson, trustees of the Harry B. Duane Trust-1996, sold 15 Duane Way to Prospect Girls LLC for $2,200,000.

West Tisbury
July 9, William H. Davis sold a lot to Thomas L. Norton for $238.20 dated 1863 and recorded on 7/9/2015.

July 9, James A. Taylor and Mary R. Hudson sold 6 and 64 Ephraim Allen Rd. to Ephraim Road LLC for $1,999,999.

July 10, Donald R. Lassman, Chapter 7 trustee for the Bankruptcy Estate of Edward J. Stevenson and not individually, sold 28 Pond Lane to JM Partners LLC for $35,000.

July 10, Robert P. and Victoria M. Boatti sold 165 Vineyard Meadow Farm to Victoria M. Boatti for $59,539.50.

June 29 – July 3, 2015

June 29, Mary E. Shands sold an undivided 1/6 interest in 8 Chockers Lane to Kathryn N. and Paul Shands for $612,500.

June 30, Edward J. Higham a.k.a. Edward J. Higham Sr. sold 5 Old Farm Rd. to Edward J. Higham Jr. and Jean Rose Tostanoski for $1,400,000.

July 2, Jennifer S. Rako, executrix of the estate of Anne B. Vytlacil, sold 21 Squibnocket Rd. to Up Island LLC for $1,525,000.

June 30, Phillip A. and Jennifer V. Tammaro sold 78 Old Purchase Rd. to William S. Minton Jr. and Karen A. Sawyer for $525,000.

June 30, Elizabeth S. and Melvin C. Hauck sold 52 Prices Way to Marc A. and Heidi Cohen Glasser for $626,250.

June 30, Molly L. Gasnick, executrix of the estate of Margaret Gasnick, sold 64 Clevelandtown Rd. to Robert and Amy Harkins for $685,000.

July 1, WMMV Real Estate LLC sold 15 Plains Head Lane to Paul Lonergan and Anne Tallon for $1,981,250.

Oak Bluffs
June 29, Leo F. Waldron and Katy Ann Waldron, trustees of the Waldron Family Revocable Trust, and Barbara E. Thompson sold 78 Isaac Ave. to Gary and Gloria Cardoso Santos for $142,500.

July 2, Joseph G. Parham Jr. a.k.a. Joseph G. Parham sold 33 Perkins Ave. to Alfonse Demeo 3rd and Elizabeth H. Demeo for $402,000.


June 30, Bernice Phifer sold 95 Summer St. to Kathleen L. Monahan for $300,000.

West Tisbury
July 1, Fanny Q. Howe, trustee of the Howe Trust Agreement, sold Lots 1, 2, and 3, at 1091 State Rd. to Bluebird Holdings LLC for $570,000.

July 2, Joel P. Antony sold 99 Charles Neck Way to Hugo R. and Ariana F. Leoncio for $600,000.

June 22 to June 28


Carmen Caneda purchased land on Oxcart Road in Aquinnah from William Waterway TRS, William E. Marks TRS, and Family Trust for $87,500 on June 24.


Ysidore R. Perez and Rhonda T. Brown purchased 57 Clevelandtown Road in Edgartown from Coastal Estates LLC and Command Properties LLC for $1,840,000 on June 23.

Dino Miano and Marilena Miano purchased 47 Schoolhouse Road in Edgartown from Giovanni Maione and Giusseppina Maione for $975,000 on June 23.

John K. Honeycutt and Heath Honeycutt purchased 35 Edgewood Drive in Edgartown from Curtis C. Johnson and Donna A. Johnson for $675,050 on June 24.

Bonnie Weiss purchased 29 North Neck Road, 31 North Neck Road, and property on North Neck Road from William C. Fynbo, Camille Beatrice Fynbo Marks, Mary A. Wille and Marjorie Fynbo for $2,000,000 on June 25.

30 Field Club Drive LLC purchased 30 Field Club Drive in Edgartown from Morash Family LP for $870,000 on June 26.

Oak Bluffs

Michael Metcalf Chapman TRS and Michael Metcalf Chapman 2006 Revocable Trust purchased an undivided 1/5 interest in 41 Dudley avenue in Oak Bluffs from Dene Barton Chapman Jr. for $152,000 on June 24.

Michael Metcalf Chapman TRS and Michael Metcalf Chapman 2006 Revocable Trust purchased an undivided 1/5 interest in 41 Dudley avenue in Oak Bluffs from Molly Chapman Kresler TRS and Molly Chapman Kresler Revocable Trust for $152,000 on June 24.

Samuel R. Nussbaum and Rhoda Kahn Nussbaum purchased 23 Sengekontacket Way in Oak Bluffs from James L. Osgard TRS, Jacqueline O. Wyman TRS and Jacqueline O. Wyman Revocable Inter Vivos Trust for $1,488,000 on June 22.

Vineyard Haven

Alison W. Wilson and Katherine E. Wilson purchased 55 Oklahoma avenue in Vineyard Haven from Alan W. Wilson for $500,000 on June 24.

June 15 – 19, 2015

June 16, David H. Wice, Betsy W. Wice, Leila R. Wice, and Nathaniel A. Wice sold a lot off Moshup Trail to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $50,000.

June 16, Gary Fudem sold 3 Periwinkle Lane to AYTB LLC for $3,200,000.

June 16, Heather Ann Hunt sold 2 Windsor Drive to Scott L. and Melissa J. Braillard for $554,000.

June 16, Batchmail LLC sold 3B Magnolia Way to David Jay Morton for $930,000.

June 18, John F. Bitzer, Jr. sold an undivided 1.75234% interest in 144 Plantingfield Way to Elizabeth B. Selman, John F. Bitzer 3rd, and Charles W. Bitzer, trustees of the John F. Bitzer Jr. Irrevocable Trust, for $150,000, and a 3.03738% interest in 144 Plantingfield Way to Elizabeth B. Selman, John F. Bitzer 3rd, and Charles W. Bitzer, trustees of the John F. Bitzer Jr. Irrevocable Trust, for $260,000.

June 18, Barbara M. Gaynes sold 94 Old Purchase Road to Robert D. and Eileen C. Moriarty for $470,000.

June 19, Todd S. Sawyer sold 43 Boylston Street to Jon and Erica Ashton for $442,000.

Oak Bluffs
June 16, Timothy J. and Nora M. Dyke, trustees of TND Realty Trust, sold 11 Jessica Lane to Cutler MV LLC for $330,000.

June 18, Donald G. McKillop and Susan L. Davy sold Unit 2, 91 Dukes County Avenue, to Bryan W. Daigle and Nyama Wingood for $430,000.

June 15, Janet R. Frink sold 171 Tashmoo Avenue to Raymond and Melanie M. Bilodeau for $228,000.

West Tisbury
June 18, Steve L. Holman, trustee, sold 26 Pin Oak Circle to Benjamin T. Retmier for $495,000.

June 8 – 12, 2015

June 10, Owen Norton LLC sold a lot on Edgartown–West Tisbury Rd. and Bennett Way to Katama Acquisitions LLC for $620,000.

June 12, CNTL LLC sold Unit C-3, 475 Katama Rd. to Angelo and Jennifer Maragos for $615,000.

June 12, Olga S. Barr sold 31 The Boulevard to Vineyard Realty LLC for $1,300,000.

June 12, Nina Solod Brodeur and Margo Solod sold 3 Allen House Lane to Paul H. Lehner, trustee of Lehner Cuttyhunk Nominee Trust, for $750,000.

Oak Bluffs
June 12, Richard A. Baumhofer and Mark E. Baumhofer sold a lot on Ocean Ave. to Thomas and Mary Jo Hjerpe for $300,000.

June 8, Raymond A. Leone Jr. and Ellen M. Leone sold 180 Bernard Circle to Matthew R. Hobart and Jessica A. Drysdale for $460,000.

June 9, Richard A. and Dee A. Dice sold 272 Norton Ave. to Stacia Broderick for $399,000.

June 10, Ellen B. Kaplan and Gail M. Barmakian, trustees of PAD Realty Trust, sold 6 Rogers Farm Rd. to Jason E. and Elena Arcudi for $312,000.

June 11, Alexandra G. Forbes, trustee of the Forbes Family Trust A, and Debbi Christiansen, trustee of the Janice Forbes Geil Trust, sold a lot on Main St. to Hans Klingemann and Sandra Lee for $525,000.

June 12, Ella D. Jenkins-Graves, Douglas Jenkins, Mark Jenkins, and Jacy Jenkins sold 170 Franklin Terrace to Bogdan M. Buftea and Nicoleta Trandafir for $168,000.

West Tisbury
June 8, Philip W. Spalding sold 1 Plum Bush Point Rd. to Monomoy Farm LLC for $480,000.

June 1 – 5, 2015

June 1, Gayle M. Delaney and Andrew Dineen, trustees of the Nancy A. Delaney Irrevocable Trust, sold a lot on Oxcart Road to Grace A. and Michael J. Collins, trustees of the Oxcart Road Irrevocable Trust, for $125,000.

June 1, Gayle M. Delaney and Andrew Dineen, trustees of the Walter E. Delaney Irrevocable Trust, sold 15 Lighthouse Road to Grace A. and Michael J. Collins, trustees of the Lighthouse Road Irrevocable Trust, for $650,000.

June 2, Mark E. Rubenstein, Jane R. Rutman, Robert M. Brown, as trustees of the Rubenstein Gay Head Revocable Trust, and Mark E. Rubenstein, individually, sold a ½ interest in 2 Driftwood Lane to Thomas E. and Christina S. Farren and a ½ interest to George C. Spilios for $1,630,000.

June 3, Gladys Ann Bromberg, trustee of the Bromberg Nominee Trust, sold 13 Little Oak Lane to Matthew and Susan M. Littlefield for $1,375,000.

June 2, Morash Family LP sold 26 Field Club Drive to Sean E. Murphy, trustee of 26 Field Club Drive Nominee Trust, for $848,250.

June 2, David A. Schmechel sold 307 Chappaquiddick Road to Dana G. and Robert Strayton for $435,000.

June 3, Brent D. Cron and Laura Cron, individually, and Carl R. Cron and Brent D. Cron, as Personal Representatives under the Will of C. David Cron, sold 20 Eighteenth Street South to Bastille and Carrie J. Lucier for $370,000.

June 3, Patty G. Schaal sold 14 Prices Way to Adam and Marlo Hayes for $650,000.

June 5, Adam Tucker, Carrie Tucker, Darren Tucker, and Kaja Mahler-Tucker sold 46 Windsor Drive to Diane M. and Nicholas M. Litton for $528,500.

Oak Bluffs
June 1, Wilmar Prata and Claudia Araujo Almeida sold 32 Washington Ave. to Shawn D. and Amy M. Clapp for $443,000.

June 3, Fred and Ruth Diprenzio sold 18 Windy Hill Road to Eugene Erez for $170,000.

June 1, Stephen M. Perlman and Judith Gager Perlman sold 124 Skiff Avenue, Unit E-10, to Dennis and Yvette D. Hammond for $272,000.

June 5, J. Paul Johnson, as Personal Representative of the estate of Joan M. Waggner, sold 23 Burt’s Way to Stefan J. and Sarah S. Willimann for $709,000.

May 25 – 29, 2015


May 28, Mary E. Larsen, Kristine L. Scheffer, Louis S. Larsen, and Daniel Larsen sold 2 Menemsha Crossroad to Daniel L. Larsen, Sr. and Marie K. Larsen for $600,000.

May 28, Jane Harris Ash, f/k/a Jane Louise Harris, Nathaniel Laurence Harris, and Judith Anne Osojnicki, trustees of the Harris Nominee Trust, sold 2 Gosnold’s Way to Kathryn R. Ham, trustee of Gosnold’s Way Realty Trust (50% interest) and to 2 Gosnold’s Way LLC (50% interest) for $6,397,950.

May 28, Jane Harris Ash, f/k/a Jane Louise Harris, Nathaniel Laurence Harris, and Judith Anne Osojnicki, trustees of the Harris Nominee Trust, and Nathaniel L. Harris Jr. Declaration of Trust sold 4 Gosnold’s Way to 4 Gosnold’s Way LLC for $6,352,050.00.

May 27, Christopher E. Grazioso, Barrett Grazioso, Robert Montgomery, and Robert Charles Porter sold 1 Eighteenth St. South to Louis S. Larsen and Elizabeth R. Larsen, trustees of the Larsen Realty Trust, for $550,000.

May 27, Daniel L. Larsen, Sr. and Marie K. Larsen sold 23 Windsor Dr. to Jonathan Chatinover and Elizabeth O’Connor for $630,000.

May 28, Jan Laws Houghton sold 13 Young St. to Kseniia and Tekomah S. Goggins for $665,000.

May 28, Evan W. and Osceola F. Thomas sold 13 Boldwater Rd. to AKACMV LLC for $2,995,000.

May 28, Allen D. and Amy R. Hecht sold 2 Town Lot Circle to MV Properties LLC for $2,325,000.

Oak Bluffs
May 29, Jean R. Brodnax and Donald S. Cruz, trustees of the Donald S. Cruz revocable Trust, sold 8 Poplar Lane to Roger A. and Lana M. Schaefer for $565,000.

May 29, William Wrenshall, 4th sold 19 Meadow View Rd. to Michael L. Turner and Annette McDaniel-Turner for $287,500.

May 29, Forty-One Main Street Inc. sold 4 State Rd. to 4 State Road LLC for $1,400,000.

West Tisbury
May 26, Martin W. and Mary H. Keen sold 86 Capawock Rd. to Geoghan E. Googan, trustee of Lily Pond Nominee Trust, for $1,647,000.

May 18 to May 24

The town of Chilmark purchased a lot on Squibnocket Road in Chilmark from Harold Pratt ITRS, Thomas E. Bator TRS, and Osprey Ridge Realty Trust for $150,000 on May 19.

The town of Chilmark purchased a lot on Squibnocket Road in Chilmark from Anthony G. Orphanos TRS, Wendy Jeffers TRS, and Blacksmith Ridge Realty Trust for $150,000 on May 19.

Lauren Lee Stone TRS, Paul Stone TRS and Old Farm Stone Realty Trust purchased 25 Old Farm Road in Chilmark from Jerome P. Kenney and Carol B. Kenney for $585,000 on May 20.

John and Lisa Reagan purchased 289 The Boulevard in Edgartown from Nancy Tingle, Ann Marie Lacroix Tingle, Ann Marie Lacroix, and John L. Lacroix Jr. for $365,000 on May 20.

Timothy F. Creato purchased 382 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road in Edgartown from Laura Sargent Hall for $225,000 on May 21.

Polly Bassett purchased 19 Seventh street North in Edgartown from Eugene D. Lemon and Diane Mero for $490,000 on May 21.

David A. Coriale and Maureen L. Coriale purchased 71 Pilgrim Road in Edgartown from John B. Mariano Jr. and Laura Mariano for $665,000 on May 21.

Melinda Fager and Jeffrey Fager purchased property on Washqua avenue in Edgartown from Phyllis Linden, Andrew G. Webb, Craig R. Webb, Jennifer L. McCue, and Jennifer L. Webb for $45,550 on May 22.

Oak Bluffs
Nataly T. Gomes purchased 458 County Road in Oak Bluffs from Glen L. Yates Jr. TRS, Maureen A. Yates TRS, Yates Living Trust, William H. Quinn TRS, and William H. Quinn Revocable Trust for $510,000 on May 19.

May 11 – 15, 2015


May 13, Patricia S. Urann, Susan S. Mottau, and James A. Samenfeld Specht sold 2 Church Pasture Way to Susan L. Mottau, Gary J. Mottau, Christopher Mottau, and Natalia Mottau for $594,750.

May 15, James J. Leroux sold 82 South Rd. to Marshal Katzen and Bari Boyer for $750,000.

May 15, Herring Creek Acquisition Co. LLC sold 27 Butler’s Cove Rd. to Dream Enterprises LLC for $14,450,000.

Oak Bluffs
May 12, Susan E. Moner sold 28 Winthrop Ave. to Michael Hartzband and Donald and June C. Hall for $300,000.

May 15, Catherine Peters f/k/a Catherine McMorrow and Mark V. Peters sold 16 Inca Rd. to Stephen K. Cahillane for $540,000.

May 11, David M. Steinberg sold 102 Edgartown Rd. to Stephen W. Savard and Mark S. Tonnesen for $515,500.

May 11, Sea Town LLC sold 61 Lagoon Pond Rd. to Ryan J. and Yvonne S. Fisher for $470,000.

May 12, Philip Mark Dine a.k.a. Philip M. Dine individually and Philip Mark Dine a.k.a. Philip M. Dine and Kim Clark Dine a.k.a. Kim C. Dine, as executors of the estate of Laurie K. Dine, sold 129 Franklin Terrace to Kim C. Dine for $120,000.

May 13, Sandra J. Brouillette sold 280 State Rd. to Patrick B. Murphy and Chelsea R. McCarthy for $364,200.

May 14, Ernest Persons Whitmore a.k.a. Joe Whitmore, trustee and Settlor of the Joe Whitmore Revocable Trust Agreement, sold 179 and 210 Kuffie’s Point Way to Kuffies Point LLC for $1,700,000.

May 15, Janet R. Frink sold 222 Tashmoo Ave. to Jason T. and Jaime Lynn Schwab for $200,000.

May 4 – 8, 2015

May 4, Simone Miles, executor of the estate of Quentin Miles, sold her interest in a lot on West Basin Rd. to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $1,312.

May 4, Celeste Miles, executor of the estate of Quentin Miles, sold her interest in a lot on West Basin Rd. to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $1,312.

May 4, Ralph Shirley, executor of the estate of Yvonne Renee Miles and the estate of Quentin Miles, sold his interest in a lot on West Basin Rd. to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $1,312.

May 4, Tiffiny Miles, executor of the estate of Quentin Miles, sold her interest in a lot on West Basin Rd. to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $1,312.

May 4, Joseph T. Cazeault, trustee of J & L Realty Trust, sold 459 Edgartown–Vineyard Haven Rd. to Mark S. Morris for $325,000.

May 5, Katherine M. Burke, trustee of MS Bare Realty Trust, sold 9 Winter St., Unit A, to Rudolph L. John Jr. and Maureen P. Johnson for $861,600.

Oak Bluffs
May 4, John J. Moynihan a.k.a. John J. Moynihan 3rd, and Deborah A. Norton sold 211 Newton Ave. a.k.a. 211 Newton Rd. to Peter H. Rodegast and Nancy M. Cole for $300,000.

May 5, Alicia and Robert Tonti, trustees of the Alicia Tonti M&A Living Trust, sold 29 Tia Anna Lane to Charles B. Fisher and Stefanie L. Wolf for $539,000.

May 6, Arlene L. Bodge and Virginia S. McClure sold 18 Oak Wood Lane to Lynn Weber and Thomas Andrews for $719,000.

May 7, Richard A. and Carol J. Washington, trustees of the Washington Living Trust, sold 30 Vineyard Ave. Ext. to Peter and Jaroslava Searle for $245,000.

May 5, Christina Fried sold 60 Beach Rd., Unit 26, to Jacob and Kendra Galary for $41,000.

May 8, Carly Simon sold a 75 percent interest in 10 John Hoft Rd. to Edouard Begin and Melissa R. Schellhammer and a 25% interest to Edward H. Begin and Patricia E. Begin for $250,000.

May 8, James M. and Roxanne S. Beardall, trustees of the Beardall Family Trust, sold 163 Franklin Terrace to Thomas P. Sheehan and Julie A. Tellstone for $465,000.

April 27 – May 1, 2015


May 1, Daniel and Frieda Rabinovitz, trustees of the Bijahs Way Nominee Trust ,sold 49 Bijah’s Way and 64 Old Farm Rd. to Lawrence J. and Holly F. Glick for $1,150,000.


April 28, Joseph B. and Susanne J. Feeks sold 12 Llewellyn Way to Brian Daniel Jones and Pamela Elane Stevens Jones, trustees of the Brian & Pamela Jones Revocable Trust, for $1,110,000.

April 30, Sally Taylor, f/k/a Sally A. Ryan, sold 15 Clevelandtown Rd. to Brian M. and Victoria W. Meany for $2,050,000.

Oak Bluffs

April 30, Miriam S. and Armand Gonzalzles sold 38 Bay View Ave. to 38 BayView LLC for $550,000.

May 1, Joseph P. and Lori E. Maribito sold 131 Washington Ave. to Valmir Teixeira Barbosa for $409,000.

May 1, John P. Weston sold 39 Norris Ave. to Terri Lee Hakala for $445,000.


April 30, Jessica L. Barker and Tyler Johnson sold 134 Franklin Terrace to Robert J. Soltz for $410,000.

West Tisbury
April 30, Bencion Moskow, trustee of the Moskow Family Realty Trust – West Tisbury, sold 43 Duck Pond Rd. to John H. Kennedy and Jane Seagrave for $1,050,000.

April 30, David F. and Amy L. Dines sold 8 Manaquayak Rd. to Elizabeth A. Billowitz and Stephen C. Snyder for $720,000.

May 1, Peter M. Cook, John W. Cook and Christopher Hennessey, trustees of the Paul W. Cook, Jr. 1996 Trust, sold 15 Music St. to Rosemarie Ovian, trustee of the 2006 Ovian Family Trust, for $880,000.

April 20 to April 26


Ruth W. Bellizzi, TRS, Michael J. Bellizzi, TRS, and Bellizzi Family 1999 Realty Trust purchased 7 Mill Hill Farms Road in Edgartown from Allen W. Wilson, Thomas R. Wilson, James F. Wilson, TRS, Wilson Revocable Living Trust for $925,000 on April 24.

Oak Bluffs
Virginia M. Carranza purchased 18 Gamba Road in Oak Bluffs from Lashann Dearcy-Hall for $555,000 on April 21.

MV Land & Sea Inc. purchased 9 Quantapog Road in Oak Bluffs from Claire H. Shaw, TRS, Robert J. Shaw, TRS, and 9 Quantapog Road Realty Trust for $540,000 on April 24.

Vineyard Haven
Marijke Renate Webb purchased 1016 Main street in Vineyard Haven from S. Fain Hackney, TRS, and 1016 Main Street Nominee Trust for $11,000,000 on April 22.

Jacqueline A. Hokanson and Gerard C. Hokanson purchased Morse Lane land from Douglas Wayne Bigwood, Russell Morse Bigwood and Patrick J. Donovan for $500,000 on April 23.

Valtiz Ribeiro and Juliana Ribeiro purchased 9 Briarwood Lane in Vineyard Haven from Paul Menton and Julia Menton for $595,000 on April 24.

April 13 to April 19


New Red Hat LLC purchased 6 Trails End in Chilmark from Patricia Shulte TRS and SSK 2006 Nominee Trust for $950,000 on April 17.

Kara E. Klein TRS, Kara O’Sullivan TRS, Leonard Leader TRS, Kara E. Klein 2012 Irrevocable Trust and Kara O’Sullivan 2012 Irrevocable Trust purchased 16 South Road in Chilmark from Peter M. Nicholson for $800,000 on April 17.


Thomas C. and Sheila K. Rapone purchased 73 Pennywise Path in Edgartown from Dominica Gutierrez and Vicki D. Galliher for $650,000 on April 14.

Justin and Emily Melnick purchased 12 Holly Bear Lane in Edgartown from Robert M. Wilkins and Dawn Freedman-Wilkins for $555,000 on April 15.

Mark William and Linda Anne Trude purchased 6 Huckleberry Hill Lane in Edgartown from Michael F. Torcia for $869,000 on April 16.

WJG Realty Co. LLC purchased 247 Upper Main Street in Edgartown from Jack Eliot Butman and Jack Butman for $177,000 on April 17.

Oak Bluffs
Laurence L. Perkins TRS and MV Dock House Perkins Family 2015 Trust purchased 379 Barnes Road in Oak Bluffs from Debra A. Olmstead for $3,000,000 on April 15.

Janet H. and Richard E. Steponaitis purchased 14 Pennacook Avenue in Oak Bluffs from Elaine M. Thomas for $700,000 on April 17.

Vineyard Haven
Nationstar Mortgage LLC purchased 698 Franklin St. in Vineyard Haven from Albert R. Koster for $571,764 on April 16.

April 6 to April 12


Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and American Home Mortgage Investment Trust purchased 18 Greenhouse Lane from Lauren J. Walters Trust and Columbia Real Estate Trust for $2,091,529.42 on April 6.


Michael and Megan Brown purchased 54 Shady Oak Lane in Edgartown from David Leighton for $502,500 on April 9.

Scott M. and Meghan M. McCaleb purchased 5 Noras Lane in Edgartown from Noras Meadow LLC for $750,000 on April 10.

Safe Haven Cornerstone Ministries LLC purchased 50 Thirteenth street North in Edgartown from Russell U. Grant for $593,275 on April 10.

Oak Bluffs

Susan Airis Epes Trust and Nominee Airis Trust purchased 10 California avenue in Oak Bluffs from Steven M. Collins Trust, Item Six Trust, Elbert Bunyan Collins Est., for $70,000 on April 8.

Sherry Countryman purchased 87 Shawanue avenue in Oak Bluffs from Ralph W. Norton and Elizabeth L. Norton Est. for $390,000 on April 9.

Dale A. Frank and Dawn Elise Evans purchased 25 Pankhanne street in Oak Bluffs from Frederick H. III and Tracy Buckley for $410,000 on April 10.

Vineyard Haven

Thomas and Julie Sneed purchased 16 Moonstone Way in Vineyard Haven from Elizabeth D. Ross Revocable Trust for $510,000 on April 6.

West Tisbury
Brynn D. Schaffner purchased 78 Skiffs Lane in West Tisbury from Barbara C. Moment for $583,000 on April 6

March 30 – April 3, 2015

March 31, Ann B. Floyd, Susan T. Baker as trustee of Susan T. Baker Revocable Trust (formerly Executrix of the Estate of George Barnard Baker a.k.a. George B. Baker), Timothy B. Baker, Carrie Bright Storm f.k.a. Caroline B. Baker, and Benjamin P. Baker sold Lot 1 on Tom’s Neck Farm Way to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $5,170,000.

March 31, Ann B. Floyd, Susan T. Baker as trustee of Susan T. Baker Revocable Trust (formerly Executrix of the Estate of George Barnard Baker a.k.a. George B. Baker),Timothy B. Baker, Carrie Bright Storm f.k.a. Caroline B. Baker, and Benjamin P. Baker sold Parcel 28.2 on Chappaquiddick Rd. to Marsh Hawk Trust Inc. for $5,000.

March 31, Ann B. Floyd, Susan T. Baker as trustee of Susan T. Baker Revocable Trust (formerly Executrix of the Estate of George Barnard Baker a.k.a. George B. Baker),Timothy B. Baker, Carrie Bright Storm f.k.a. Caroline B. Baker, and Benjamin P. Baker sold a beach lot off Dike Road to Christopher A. and Barbara G. Cole for $200,000.

April 2, Peter Ferris Rentschler a.k.a. Peter F. Rentschler, Mary Rentschler a.k.a. Mary A. Rentschler f.k.a. Mary Rentschler Alley individually and as Personal Representative of the Estate of Sarah Yorke Rentschler, Alexandra Angevin Thompson, a.k.a. Alexandra A. Thompson, and Phoebe Cole-Smith f.k.a. Phoebe Rentschler Cole, sold 11 Angevins Lane to Eel Pond LLC for $1,700,000.

Oak Bluffs
April 2, Paul and Pamela Steudler sold 10 East Side Road to Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of Totowah Nominee Trust, for $825,000.

April 3, Robert and Joan Celusak sold 28 Beach Road to John and Lisa Reagan for $400,000.

April 3, David W. Lammers, d.b.a. Wynot’s General Contractors, sold 46 Pond View Drive to Joshua Liebowitz for $212,500.

March 30, Robert R. Breth sold 4 Lagoon Pond Road to 4 Lagoon Pond Road LLC for $1,100,000.

March 30, Jessica Steele sold 27 William Street to Halcott and Catherine Grant for $600,000.

West Tisbury
April 3, Kathleen F. Rosenfeld sold 20 Manaquayak Road to Lisa B. Epstein and Ivory Littlefield 3rd for $235,000.

March 16 – 20, 2015


March 17, Linda Whitlock and Marc D. Cumsky sold 15 Hammett Rd. to Dan Goleman and Tara Bennett-Goleman for $1,337,500.

March 16, John Stobart sold 31 No. Summer St. a/k/a 31 North Summer St. to Imprimis LLC for $1,350,000.

March 17, Noras Meadow LLC sold 1 Nora’s Lane to Drew W. and Lillian A.T. O’Connell for $800,000.

March 18, RC LLC sold 4 Farm Way to Long Pond Capital LLC for $725,000.

March 20, Laura L. Allendorf, trustee of Pequod Living Revocable Trust, sold 16 Hillman Dr. to Jefferson T. and Moirialin Mercier for $585,000.

March 20, Michael William Ditchfield, trustee of Ditchfield Realty Trust, and Isabella Ditchfield sold 20 Hannah’s Way to Brian Ditchfield and Brooke Hardman Ditchfield for $367,000.

Oak Bluffs
March 19, Julie Whitehill and G. Anthony Scheller sold 61 Grovedale Rd. to Jessica Whiteley and Kevin Casey for $470,000.


March 16, Terence J. Donahue sold 39 Causeway Rd. to Mitchell Bret Benway and Tiffany Caruso Benway for $262,500.

March 20, Marian Ragan Halperin and Steven P. Ragan, trustees of MRH Nominee Trust, sold 57 Old Oklahoma Rd. to Denise Shapiro and Martin Nager for $825,000.

March 20, Paul D. Adler a/k/a Paul Adler, trustee of 14 Pine Street Realty Trust, sold 14 Pine St. to Joseph Corbo for $800,000.

West Tisbury
March 20, Linda M. Hearn, Glenn R. Hearn and Laura H. Caruso, trustees of Hearn Caruso 2013 Trust, sold 30 Carl’s Way to David and Andrea Attisani, trustees of both the David Albert Attasani Trust and the Andrea Leavitt Crowley Trust, for $735,500.

March 9 – 13, 2015


March 13, Ronald E. and Jane M. Rodgers sold 5 and 5R Half Inch Lane and a Beach Lot to Doctor’s Creek Path LLC for $6,550,000


March 13, Douglas Fleck sold 3 Fifteenth St. S., a/k/a 3 15th St. S., to Joao Paulo Vasconcelos for $410,000.

Oak Bluffs
March 11, Patricia A. Duncan sold 25 Dreamers Way to Katama Acquisitions LLC for $211,000.

March 13, MV Land & Sea Inc. sold 79 William St. to RF Falcon LLC for $1,460,000.

March 2 – 6, 2014


March 3, Joseph F. Murray sold 9 and 13 Aquinnah Circle to the Town of Aquinnah for $575,000.

March 3, Hajjar Family LP II sold 7 Sunset Lane to Kenneth A. and Corinne K. DiPietro for $2,137,500.


March 6, Charles Leslie and Kathleen L. Bruce sold Unit G-8, 497 Katama Rd., Mattakesett Condo. to Janice Korff for $710,000.

March 6, MV Properties LLC sold Unit A3, 459 Katama Rd., to John P. Hynes for $485,000.

Oak Bluffs
March 2, Rebecca Fishbeck and Jason Reagan sold 83 Carol Ave. to Megan Vining Rose and William R. Panek for $350,000.


March 2, Frances E. Irvine sold 53 North William St. to Alexander W. and Phoebe D. Pardo for $690,000.

March 2, John D. Pereira sold 85 Edgartown Vineyard Haven Rd. to Mark E. and Elise A. Woods for $325,000.

March 4, Andrew C. Urban, trustee of Kenneth H. Urban Irrevocable Living Trust, sold 39 Burt’s Way to Lars Vinjerud, II, trustee of Lars Vinjerud II Family Trust, for $779,000.

West Tisbury
March 6, Daniel J. Spitz Lee, individually and as personal representative of the estate of Robert Paul Lee, a/k/a the Robert P. Lee, a/k/a Bob Lee, sold 3 Rock Pond Rd. to Stephen Hammond for $225,000.

Feb. 23–27, 2015


Feb. 27, Jane Davenport sold 252 The Boulevard to Eddie Lewis Williams and Beth Williams for $435,000.

Oak Bluffs
Feb. 25, Jonathan Balboni and Jason Balboni sold 29 Richmond Ave. to Jessica Balboni Gonzalez and Jennifer Tracey for $125,000.

Feb. 27, Eduardo A. and Nyree G. Valdes sold 75 Wing Rd. to Timothy S. Ostrander for $235,000.

Feb. 26, Marilyn Synder sold Lot 7 Main St. to Hans Klingemann and Sandra Lee for $470,000.

Feb. 27, Robert B. Levine sold 109 Center St. to Heidi and James Omara for $700,000.

Feb. 27, US Bank NA, as trustee relating to Chevy Chase Funding LLC Mortgage Backed Certificates Series 2007-1, the current holder by assignment of a mortgage from Mark B. and Jenny G. Galvin to MERS grants by foreclosure deed to US Bank NA, trustee relating to Chevy Chase Funding LLC Mortgage Backed Certificates Series 2007-1, 4 Skip Jack Way for $2,295,000.

Feb. 16 – 20, 2015


Feb. 18, Marguerite C. Toll sold 18 Peaked Hill Rd. to 18 Peaked Hill LLC for $1,125,000.

Feb. 18, Marguerite C. Toll sold a lot on Peaked Hill Rd. to PH Lot LLC for $50,000.

Feb. 20, Jerome P. and Carol B. Kenney sold 8 Daisy Lane to Charles Greene and Sarka Harlatkova for $475,000.

Feb. 18, Jonathan Munroe House Inc. sold 100 Main St. to Think Fast LLC for $1,500,000.

Feb. 18, Gordon W. and Patricia A. Tyra sold 38 Planting Field Way to Peter E. Walshe for $400,000.

Feb. 18, Summerhouse LLC sold 32 Caleb Pond Rd. to Christopher Robin LLC for $4,100,000.

Feb. 20, Heather A. Thibodeau, personal representative of the estate of Edgar A. Thibodeau, sold 22 Twenty First St. North to Marcio Santos Aquino and Joelma Justino Buzetti for $455,000.

Oak Bluffs

Feb. 18, Dennis W. Maxwell and Jennifer Zuniga sold 475 Barnes Road to Phillip D. and LemLem G. McCrary for $1,150,000.

Feb. 19, Henry E. Bell, Jr. and Leigh Ann Mills sold 71 Worcester Ave. to Patrick Caine for $280,500.

Feb. 20, Carl A. and Ronda R. Winderl, trustees of the Winderl Family Trust, sold 46 Barnes Rd. to Henry E. Bell, Jr. and Leigh Ann Mills for $341,000.

Feb. 18, Deutsche Bank NA Trust Co, as trustee for WAMU Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series 2005-AR2, holder of a mortgage by assignment, sold by foreclosure deed 61 Heath Hen Lane to Valdemiro and Ann Barros for $438,000.

Feb. 18, Carl H. and Diane R. Iseman sold 32 Stonegate Circle to Dwight R. Kulwin and Elizabeth H. Brown, trustees of 32 Stonegate Circle Realty Trust, for $390,000.

Feb. 19, ILP Capital LLC and Chiles Development Corp. sold by foreclosure deed 173 Winyah Circle to ILP Capital LLC for $371,000.