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Martha's Vineyard Real Estate
Martha's Vineyard Real Estate Transactions for

March 16 – 20, 2015


March 17, Linda Whitlock and Marc D. Cumsky sold 15 Hammett Rd. to Dan Goleman and Tara Bennett-Goleman for $1,337,500.

March 16, John Stobart sold 31 No. Summer St. a/k/a 31 North Summer St. to Imprimis LLC for $1,350,000.

March 17, Noras Meadow LLC sold 1 Nora’s Lane to Drew W. and Lillian A.T. O’Connell for $800,000.

March 18, RC LLC sold 4 Farm Way to Long Pond Capital LLC for $725,000.

March 20, Laura L. Allendorf, trustee of Pequod Living Revocable Trust, sold 16 Hillman Dr. to Jefferson T. and Moirialin Mercier for $585,000.

March 20, Michael William Ditchfield, trustee of Ditchfield Realty Trust, and Isabella Ditchfield sold 20 Hannah’s Way to Brian Ditchfield and Brooke Hardman Ditchfield for $367,000.

Oak Bluffs
March 19, Julie Whitehill and G. Anthony Scheller sold 61 Grovedale Rd. to Jessica Whiteley and Kevin Casey for $470,000.


March 16, Terence J. Donahue sold 39 Causeway Rd. to Mitchell Bret Benway and Tiffany Caruso Benway for $262,500.

March 20, Marian Ragan Halperin and Steven P. Ragan, trustees of MRH Nominee Trust, sold 57 Old Oklahoma Rd. to Denise Shapiro and Martin Nager for $825,000.

March 20, Paul D. Adler a/k/a Paul Adler, trustee of 14 Pine Street Realty Trust, sold 14 Pine St. to Joseph Corbo for $800,000.

West Tisbury
March 20, Linda M. Hearn, Glenn R. Hearn and Laura H. Caruso, trustees of Hearn Caruso 2013 Trust, sold 30 Carl’s Way to David and Andrea Attisani, trustees of both the David Albert Attasani Trust and the Andrea Leavitt Crowley Trust, for $735,500.

March 9 – 13, 2015


March 13, Ronald E. and Jane M. Rodgers sold 5 and 5R Half Inch Lane and a Beach Lot to Doctor’s Creek Path LLC for $6,550,000


March 13, Douglas Fleck sold 3 Fifteenth St. S., a/k/a 3 15th St. S., to Joao Paulo Vasconcelos for $410,000.

Oak Bluffs
March 11, Patricia A. Duncan sold 25 Dreamers Way to Katama Acquisitions LLC for $211,000.

March 13, MV Land & Sea Inc. sold 79 William St. to RF Falcon LLC for $1,460,000.

March 2 – 6, 2014


March 3, Joseph F. Murray sold 9 and 13 Aquinnah Circle to the Town of Aquinnah for $575,000.

March 3, Hajjar Family LP II sold 7 Sunset Lane to Kenneth A. and Corinne K. DiPietro for $2,137,500.


March 6, Charles Leslie and Kathleen L. Bruce sold Unit G-8, 497 Katama Rd., Mattakesett Condo. to Janice Korff for $710,000.

March 6, MV Properties LLC sold Unit A3, 459 Katama Rd., to John P. Hynes for $485,000.

Oak Bluffs
March 2, Rebecca Fishbeck and Jason Reagan sold 83 Carol Ave. to Megan Vining Rose and William R. Panek for $350,000.


March 2, Frances E. Irvine sold 53 North William St. to Alexander W. and Phoebe D. Pardo for $690,000.

March 2, John D. Pereira sold 85 Edgartown Vineyard Haven Rd. to Mark E. and Elise A. Woods for $325,000.

March 4, Andrew C. Urban, trustee of Kenneth H. Urban Irrevocable Living Trust, sold 39 Burt’s Way to Lars Vinjerud, II, trustee of Lars Vinjerud II Family Trust, for $779,000.

West Tisbury
March 6, Daniel J. Spitz Lee, individually and as personal representative of the estate of Robert Paul Lee, a/k/a the Robert P. Lee, a/k/a Bob Lee, sold 3 Rock Pond Rd. to Stephen Hammond for $225,000.

Feb. 23–27, 2015


Feb. 27, Jane Davenport sold 252 The Boulevard to Eddie Lewis Williams and Beth Williams for $435,000.

Oak Bluffs
Feb. 25, Jonathan Balboni and Jason Balboni sold 29 Richmond Ave. to Jessica Balboni Gonzalez and Jennifer Tracey for $125,000.

Feb. 27, Eduardo A. and Nyree G. Valdes sold 75 Wing Rd. to Timothy S. Ostrander for $235,000.

Feb. 26, Marilyn Synder sold Lot 7 Main St. to Hans Klingemann and Sandra Lee for $470,000.

Feb. 27, Robert B. Levine sold 109 Center St. to Heidi and James Omara for $700,000.

Feb. 27, US Bank NA, as trustee relating to Chevy Chase Funding LLC Mortgage Backed Certificates Series 2007-1, the current holder by assignment of a mortgage from Mark B. and Jenny G. Galvin to MERS grants by foreclosure deed to US Bank NA, trustee relating to Chevy Chase Funding LLC Mortgage Backed Certificates Series 2007-1, 4 Skip Jack Way for $2,295,000.

Feb. 16 – 20, 2015


Feb. 18, Marguerite C. Toll sold 18 Peaked Hill Rd. to 18 Peaked Hill LLC for $1,125,000.

Feb. 18, Marguerite C. Toll sold a lot on Peaked Hill Rd. to PH Lot LLC for $50,000.

Feb. 20, Jerome P. and Carol B. Kenney sold 8 Daisy Lane to Charles Greene and Sarka Harlatkova for $475,000.

Feb. 18, Jonathan Munroe House Inc. sold 100 Main St. to Think Fast LLC for $1,500,000.

Feb. 18, Gordon W. and Patricia A. Tyra sold 38 Planting Field Way to Peter E. Walshe for $400,000.

Feb. 18, Summerhouse LLC sold 32 Caleb Pond Rd. to Christopher Robin LLC for $4,100,000.

Feb. 20, Heather A. Thibodeau, personal representative of the estate of Edgar A. Thibodeau, sold 22 Twenty First St. North to Marcio Santos Aquino and Joelma Justino Buzetti for $455,000.

Oak Bluffs

Feb. 18, Dennis W. Maxwell and Jennifer Zuniga sold 475 Barnes Road to Phillip D. and LemLem G. McCrary for $1,150,000.

Feb. 19, Henry E. Bell, Jr. and Leigh Ann Mills sold 71 Worcester Ave. to Patrick Caine for $280,500.

Feb. 20, Carl A. and Ronda R. Winderl, trustees of the Winderl Family Trust, sold 46 Barnes Rd. to Henry E. Bell, Jr. and Leigh Ann Mills for $341,000.

Feb. 18, Deutsche Bank NA Trust Co, as trustee for WAMU Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series 2005-AR2, holder of a mortgage by assignment, sold by foreclosure deed 61 Heath Hen Lane to Valdemiro and Ann Barros for $438,000.

Feb. 18, Carl H. and Diane R. Iseman sold 32 Stonegate Circle to Dwight R. Kulwin and Elizabeth H. Brown, trustees of 32 Stonegate Circle Realty Trust, for $390,000.

Feb. 19, ILP Capital LLC and Chiles Development Corp. sold by foreclosure deed 173 Winyah Circle to ILP Capital LLC for $371,000.