Martha's Vineyard Real Estate

Viewpoints is a different kind of real estate agency.

Before I entered the world of real estate, I worked for Disney - which, interestingly enough, was the perfect training ground. As a lighting and sound engineer, I ran live shows with a trusted crew. We had to be detail oriented, totally professional, incredibly focused and, most importantly, a well-oiled team. Within the gilded walls of the most famous theme park on earth, our focus was on family: their interactions, their relationships, their vacation desires.

The leap to Martha’s Vineyard real estate was not far. I’ve built Viewpoints on these lessons learned. Family and people are what matter, and as a team, we can make anything happen.

I started on my own, and I am lucky to now have four incredible women working with me. Our combined life and island experiences create a rich environment for successfully marketing property on the Vineyard. But, really, Viewpoints is all about You - what you need, who you are, and how you thrive through the buying and selling of your home. We take our cues from our love for Martha’s Vineyard and the lives that flourish on the island.

The stars that dance over our island every night are the new light show and your island home is the new castle. So some things have changed...for the better.

Hope to see you soon,

Bobbi Flake Reed